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SHREE BP Care Choornam - 250 g


Indications and benefits: Hypertension, Low Blood Pressure

The herbs in this medicine help to remove blocks in the blood vessels of the heart and act as cardio- protective agents. They regulate both high and low blood pressure and normalize it. They also help to reduce stress and tension.

Directions for Use:

Mix 1⁄2 tea spoon (2.5 gm) in 150ml warm water or 1 tsp honey and take thrice a day before food.  

Note: Avoid oily / junk food. 

B.P. Care Choornam

  • This choornam can cool down body heat
  • Helps in proper metabolism
  • Increases the count of Red Blood Cells and acts as a blood purifier
  • Good for heart related ailments and regulates blood pressure
  • Removes the fat deposits in the arteries thereby making the blood flow even without any hinderance.
  • Improves respiratory system and reduces stress
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