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SHREE Almond Lip Balm - 10 g


The primary purpose of our lip balm is to provide a layer on the lip surface to seal moisture in lips and protect them from external exposure. Dry air, cold temperatures, and wind all have a drying effect on the skin by drawing moisture away from the body.  This lip balm helps keep the moistness on the lips.

Almond Lip Balm

Shree Almond Lip Balm contains key ingredients like Beeswax, Shea Butter and Almond Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and is very effective at reducing UV damage on the skin. It can help nourish and protect the soft skin on the lips from damage caused by free radicals. Shea Butter is a rich source of numerous fatty acids and antioxidants which provides soothing benefits to skin. 

  • This lip balm eliminates dry and chappy skin on the lips to make it soft and to nourish it.  

  • The honey bee wax softens the skin tissues on the lips.

  • It even lightens the skin tone of lips if they are dark.

  • Provides the ultimate benefit of making the lips soft and supple.

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