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SHREE Aavaram Poo - 100 g


Aavaram Poo is a much branched evergreen shrub with attractive bright yellow coloured flowers known for its vareity of medicinal uses.


Cures urinary tract problems like painful urination.

Keeps the skin free of blemishes and improves complexion by external application.

Reduces pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation.

Good for Diabetes


Mix 1 tsp of the powder with hot water and take twice a day before food.

Aavaram Poo refers to the flowers of the plant Cassia auriculata. This plant is a much branched evergreen shrub with attractive bright yellow coloured flowers. It has many medicinal properties and there is a Tamil proverb “Aavarai poothirukka saavarai kandathundo” which translates into the potential of the flowers to give longevity to life.

All parts of this plant have medicinal value. The flowers are good for diabetes, kidney disorders, urinary problems, conjunctivitis of the eyes, to regulate the menstrual cycle, to reduce body heat and dryness of the skin, to remove body odour, to improve the complexion of the skin, as a good source of antioxidant which keeps skin and body healthy.

  • The flowers of Cassia auriculata have been authenticated in ancient Ayurvedic literature.
  • The flowers are effective to control blood sugar levels in Diabetics
  • Aavaram Poo powder can be mixed with curd for external application. It treats uneven skin, prevents black spots and keeps the skin free of blemishes. It helps to remove bad body odour and improve the colour of the skin.
  • Aavaram Poo powder is known to cure urinary tract problems like painful urination. 
  • Women who experience pain in lower abdomen during menstruation can drink Aavaram Poo juice.
  • Regular intake of a Tea prepared with Aavaram Poo powder by extracting in hot water controls Diabetes.
  • This herb also has the potential to decrease the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. 
  • The flower has been shown to be good for the liver – hepatoprotective. This is likely to be due to its high antioxidative potential.
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