Shree Hair Care Oil - 100 ml

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• The herbs in this formulation have been authenticated in ancient texts to
• Strengthen hair roots and stimulate hair growth
• Control scalp infections and prevent dandruff
• Arrest hair fall and premature greying of hair
• Keep hair healthy, strong and shiny.

Hair Care Oil
Shree Hair Care Oil contains the goodness of many herbs which nourish hair roots, promote growth and control hair fall. Regular use of this oil prevents premature greying of hair. The herbs control infections of the scalp and formation of dandruff. It keeps the hair healthy and shiny.

To use Hair Care Oil take sufficient quantity of oil in your palm and spread between the palms. Part your hair and gently rub the oil from your palms on to the scalp. Massage with your fingertips in a circular motion to help the oil get absorbed into the scalp. Leave on for about an hour before washing off with a natural cleanser.

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