About Us

Herbal medicinal treatment is famous for being an age old and traditional method to naturally cure different sicknesses. We, at SHREE HERBAL aspire to promote commonly known herbs like kadukaai, adhi madhuram, sukku, thulasi, arjuna, etc. Located at Tamil Nadu (India), we entered the industry back in 1999 as a manufacturer and supplier of a variety of medicinal herbs to offer cure to patients. Our product series includes Asthma Relief, BP Care, Diabetes cure, Gas Relief, Piles Care, Menstrual Care, Nephro Care, Ortho Pain Relief, Foot Care, Herbal Food Supplements and Herbal Cosmetics. Situated at Western Ghats, we procure herbs from there where they are available in abundance. Our products are the essence of profound knowledge of Siddha medicines and are famous as Shree Herbal Range. Used externally as oils, pastes, creams and gels and internally as choornams, powders and capsules, our offered products are highly regarded to provide quick relief from different illnesses. Situated at Western Ghats, we procure herbs from there, where they are available in abundance.

With more than 18 years of clinical observation, our products are certified to be completely safe for all age group people. Available in different forms, our products are sugar free, preservative free, have neutral taste and have no side effects that offers great health benefits to our customers. Following proper business policies, we have become a trusted name to offer cures from a number of physical ailments.