About us

Located in Coonoor, The Nilgiri Hills on the Western Ghats of Southern India, SHREE HERBAL is a manufacturer and supplier of healthcare and cosmetic products. Production started way back during 1999 by Mr. A.G. Ayyappan, a resident of Coonoor, a nature lover and a person with a strong vision to manufacture high-quality Ayurveda & Siddha Medicines, beauty products, food and nutritional supplements.

SHREE HERBAL symbolizes quality with its authentic range of ayurvedic products and empowers its employees to expand their horizon beyond the unexpected. It also guarantees a steady supply of the finest quality herbal products to meet the demands of millions of people across India and overcome health challenges in a stimulating and natural way without inducing side effects.

The quality of our products is controlled during every stage of the manufacturing process by adhering to strict practices and extensive testing. Every process that has an impact on the product quality is precisely controlled and documented. We ensure that a reliable manufacturing process is adopted and good quality is built into our products. This commitment to rigorous quality adherence distinguishes us in the market place.



All our medicinal products are manufactured based on the indigenous traditional knowledge encompassed in Ayurveda and Siddha systems of medicines which are approved by The Central Ministry of AYUSH and State Licensing Authorities of Tamilnadu. All our products are being tested at NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration) approved laboratories as per AYUSH regulations and only then comes out to the market. The production facility is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified and follows guidelines set by various regulatory bodies. In addition to developing the products, we own the license to commercialize them, from the concerned regulatory bodies and possess the relevant certificates and licenses.



When it comes to sourcing materials, we are well connected to a large network of reputed manufacturers, and processors around the country. We carefully select only those products that fit our quality, performance and ethical business parameters. All these products are based on organically harvested ingredients, wild collections from individuals, farmers, growers, and manufacturers who follow Eco-friendly practices. Most of our medicinal herbs are handpicked in the form of barks, roots, leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds.

Our extensive range of traditional and proprietary products include:-


Siddha Medicines

Created by our ancestors which offer immense scope for innovation with respect to the concept of addressing life-style disorders through nature. In a market undergoing substantial transformations, SHREE HERBAL takes steps forward to make the best in healthcare available to everyone. With a strong organizational team of experts, we have the ambition to meet the needs of every consumer according to his or her habits and lifestyle. In its own way, SHREE HERBAL is thus crossing milestones and taking up the challenge of making available high quality Siddha Medicines through continuous innovation.

To name some:-  Asthma Relief Choornam, Diabetes Choornam, Gas Relief Choornam, Piles Care Choornam etc.


Herbal Cosmetics (Soundarya Prakasha)

Herbs have been in use from time immemorial to provide beauty for all. Based on the proven Ayurvedic methodology and the process adopted by our ancestors we have formulated a range of herbal cosmetic products to benefit the world. Herbal cosmetic products always produce greater results, as they enable individuals to express their personalities, gain self-confidence and showcase themselves to others.

To name some:-  Almond Cream, Aloe Vera Gels, Hair Care Oils, Sandal Face Packs, Anti Dandruff Shampoos, Herbal Mix Turmeric, Almond Lip Balms, Facial Scrubs and much more.


Ayurveda Medicines

SHREE HERBAL is convinced that there is no single and unique gateway to good health, but an infinite array of possibilities, linked to periods, cultures, history and personalities. To draw ever greater numbers of women and men to use our products means reaching out to extremely diverse populations with a vision of universalizing healthcare products without chemical side effects. Research and Innovation help to reinvent new products based on the basic ideas and traditional principles identified by our ancestors to create Ayurvedic products suitable for the immense diversity of people living in India and across the globe.

To name some:-  Cold Relief Balms, Menstrual Care Choornams, Migraine Oils, Ortho Pain Relief Oils, Pain Cream Rollons, Triphala and Trikatu Choornams.


Single Herbs Powders

SHREE HERBAL has brought to the market a range of single herbal formulations enriched with goodness and with no side-effects. These are 100% vegetarian and boost your fitness and overall wellness. The hygienically manufactured powders pack in a wealth of Ayurvedic herbs that keep lifestyle diseases at bay. The no-chemical range is powered to give you clear skin, build up stress-resistance, mental fitness, energy, sound sleep, good memory and alertness.

To name some:-  Amla, Aswagandha, Arjuna, Aavaram Poo, Adhimadhuram, Brahmi, Drumstick Leaves, Hibiscus, Methi, Manathakalli, Naaval and Vilvam.


Herbal Food and Nutritional Supplements

SHREE HERBAL understands the developing technical needs and specific food requirements of the growing population. We continuously explore new opportunities and invent new products of the future from the past knowledge. Rallying its innovative strength to preserve the health of the people by providing products that enhance well-being, Shree Herbal has made the universalisation of goodness its project for the years to come. These are exacting challenges, which are a source of inspiration and creativity.

To name some:-  Badam Drink Mix, Green Booster, Natural Slim Care, Palm Candy Sukku Milk Mix and Sukku Kappi.


Essential Oils of the Nilgiri hills

Essential oils, compounds extracted from plants, have been in use for thousands of years for health, medicinal, and aromatic purposes. With around a hundred essential oils available today, each one carries a distinct flavour and scent of the plant, from which it is extracted. Used commonly as a part of aromatherapy, the oils are either inhaled directly or rubbed on the skin after being diluted. The oils are known to treat various health problems like stress, depression, anxiety, sleep, headaches, insomnia, and reducing inflammation among others. The essential oils marketed by SHREE HERBAL derived from concentrated plant extracts without the application of any chemical process.

To name some:-  Eucalyptus, Camphor, Lemon Grass and Winter Green Oils.


Aroma Oils

Aromatic Oils are most enduring to our senses. They have the power to transform our emotions as well as heal our bodies. This property is exploited in the healing art – Aromatherapy. It dates back to more than 6000 years, when scented flowers and herbs were burnt to enjoy aromatic bath, massage and skin care for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians and Romans.

Aroma Oils produce both psychological and physiological effects, such as, relieving stress and headache, sleep improvement, mood boosting, muscle relaxation, stimulation of the immune system. The natural healing, relaxing and uplifting attributes of Aroma Oils make them an integral part of aromatherapy. They can be used on the skin, in the bath and through inhalation to boost emotional well being. SHREE HERBAL Aroma oils are completely natural and will make you feel glamorous, exotic and unique.

To name some:-  Cypress, Jojoba, Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint, Rose, Sandal Wood and Tea Tree Oils.

The Company has now established a strong market for all types of products by appropriate marketing methods, customer care, quality up gradation and consistency. Our official website connects and caters to various types of customers all over India.

Our vision is to bring about a change in today’s stressful life style and to promote forgotten traditional medicinal values and ethics to our fellow beings and especially to our younger generation. It is noteworthy to believe that our country possessed these valuable methods of curing ailments centuries ago. Apart from our routine business activities we also plant and maintain trees and medicinal plants wherever possible and inculcate this habit in the hearts of youngsters as they are our future.

Let us nurture nature to have a better future…