Shree Foot Crack Cream - 100 gms

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  • The herbs in the formulation help to cure mud sores and cracked heels and keep feet smooth.
  • Aloe vera – remarkable ability to heal wounds, ulcers and burns
  • Henna leaf - antibacterial and antifungal; protects the skin from infections and inflammation
  • Turmeric rhizome – natural antiseptic with antifungal action on dermatophytes and pathogenic fungi
  • Bibithaki outer rind of fruit – meaning ‘One who keeps you away from Disease’. Builds immunity and prevents recurrence of infections in heels.

Foot Crack Cream

Cracked heels can be painful and uncomfortable. The symptoms include redness, itching and skin inflammation which may also cause slight bleeding and pain. Cracks or Fissures occur in the heels when the skin around the heel becomes thickened or dry. Drying of the skin occurs due to cold and dry weather or due to the neglect of feet. This could lead to cracking or slitting when under pressure.

The herbs in this formulation have been used for thousands of years in Indian households. Before applying SHREE Foot Crack Cream at night, wash the feet with soap and water. Wipe dry and apply the cream to fill the cracks in the heels. Wash off in the morning and wipe dry.

Use every day to get soft and crack-free feet.

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