Tamil Nadu, (India) based SHREE HERBAL is a reputed supplier and manufacturer of herbal medicinal products. Since the inception of our production unit in the year 1999, we have established a strong niche for ourselves by offering natural cures for blood pressure, asthma and other physical illnesses. Our product list includes Piles Cure, Nilgiri Herbs, Herbal Pain Balm, Gastric Cure, Blood Pressure Cure, Asthma Cure, Ayurvedic Medicines, Herbal Medicines, etc. Manufactured by using handpicked herbs in the form of barks, plant roots, leaves, fruits and seeds. Our products are famous for containing essential properties to cure several kinds of sicknesses.

Our Product Range

Siddha Medicines
  • SHREE Asthma Relief Choornam
  • SHREE BP Choornam
  • SHREE Diab Capsule
  • SHREE Diab Choornam
  • SHREE Gas Relief Choornam
  • SHREE Menstrual Care Choornam
  • SHREE Migraine Oil
  • SHREE Nephro Care Choornam
  • SHREE Nilavembu Kudineer
  • SHREE Ortho Pain Relief Oil
  • SHREE Pain Balm
  • SHREE Pain Cream Roll On
  • SHREE Piles Care Choornam
  • SHREE R-Tho Balm
Ayurveda Cosmetics
  • SHREE Almond Cream
  • SHREE Almond Pack
  • SHREE Aloe Vera Facial Gel
  • SHREE Aloe Vera Plain Gel
  • SHREE Aloe Vera Moist Cream
  • SHREE Cucumber Cream
  • SHREE Cucumber Pack
  • SHREE Foot Care Cream
  • SHREE Hair Care Oil
  • SHREE Herbal Face Pack
  • SHREE Herbal Mix Turmeric
  • SHREE Neem Cream
  • SHREE Multanni Mitti
  • SHREE Papaya Cream
  • SHREE Papaya Pack
  • SHREE Rose Pack
  • SHREE Rose Water
  • SHREE Sandal Cream
  • SHREE Sandal Pack
  • SHREE Sandal Powder
  • SHREE Skin Glow Oil
Single Herbs
  • SHREE Amla
  • SHREE Aswagandha
  • SHREE Arjuna
  • SHREE Aavaram Poo
  • SHREE Adhimadhuram
  • SHREE Brahmi
  • SHREE Drum Stick Leaves
  • SHREE Hibiscus
  • SHREE Methi
  • SHREE Manathakkali
  • SHREE Naaval
  • SHREE Vilvam
Herbal Food Supplements
  • SHREE Badam Drink Mix
  • SHREE Green Booster
  • SHREE Gulkand
  • SHREE Herbo Malt
  • SHREE Herbal Drink
  • SHREE Natural Slim Care
  • SHREE Palm Candy Sukku Milk Mix
  • SHREE Sukku Kappi